Factory Startup Specialists | Controls Engineers | Manufacturing Engineers | Operations Technologists

Performance-driven change agents and automation specialists with a history of capturing significant improvements in cost reduction, product and delivery quality, and customer service in large-scale manufacturing settings. Passionate adopters of new pathways to success, with specialization in defining and collaborating on the building of improved human-machine interfaces for operators. We are respected innovators and enablers of continuous improvement in high potential initiatives. We combine strong analytical, problem solving, and decision-making abilities with communication and team-building talents to drive enterprise-scale engineering programs, projects, and factory startups.

  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Electrical Controls Engineering

  • Software Architecture & Engineering
  • System Validation & Commissioning

  • Supply Chain Execution (SCE)
  • GS1 / RFID Technologies
  • Factory Startup Specialists


  • At a major medical device manufacturer, introduced data collection and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) analysis as a standalone system.
  • Mastered configuration of machines from 75+ builders representing dozens of control architectures, earning a reputation as one of the most versatile machine connectivity people in the business.
  • Leveraged world-class knowledge and hundreds of years of combined team experience to connect 50 machines, completely remotely, for a 2019 factory startup delivering vital performance metrics for new operations team.
  • We transform factory networks from one network security DMZ to many – when data security risks to the organization necessitated an unprecedented response – making remote support possible for machine builders, resulting in savings of tens of thousands of dollars in travel and downtime costs.
  • Experience spearheading six major plant startups where machine connectivity was delivered at startup in the heavy equipment, diesel engine, solar panel, and medical device businesses.
  • Progressively reduced cost and time-to-market such that factory metrics were possible for the full lifecycle of processes.
  • Developed tools and techniques to deliver highly critical recipe management functionality with locally developed software.
  • Microsoft SharePoint experts as a function of needing to deliver value to customers immediately – purely with existing software, versus significantly more complex alternatives.
  • Working knowledge of IIOT and Industry 4.0.

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